Tae Kwon-Do is a traditional Korean martial art that includes physical techniques and mental disciplines. By practicing Tae Kwon-Do, one can develop good coordination, gain strength, increase flexibility and improve cardiovascular conditioning. One can also build self-confidence, gain better judgement and improve self-control.

Unified Tae Kwon-Do was founded by Grand Master Bu Kwang Park and is considered the world’s most effective form of self -defense and physical fitness for men, women and children.


Grand Master Bu Kwang Park

  • 9th Dan Black Belt
  • Over 2000 U.S. Black Belt students to his credit
  • Korean National Champion – 1965 & 1967

Master Raymond Essary, Instructor

  • Black Belt since 1988
  • Certified Instructor since 1993
  • (Contact: 512-755-5523)